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No longer feel so frumpy... fit comfortably in your clothes... stop struggling to feel good, feel lean and looked toned, then join us and make a lasting change!

Done-For-You Grocery List + Meal Plans + Easy Recipes

You will receive weekly grocery list, exact done-for-you outlines of your menu and all the associated recipes making this plan an easy plug and play to set you up for success.
All food recommendations are based on real, whole foods- and nourishing you body well.  No Diet Foods!

Easy + Effective At-Home High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

Best bang for your time!
Highly curated and effective at-home HIIT workouts that are time saving, sweat inducing and will successfully increase your metabolism and support in fat burning and muscle toning!


Accountability + Sustainability

Weekly group coaching calls to support your weekly success and a community of like-minded go-getters joining you with their own Body Project Goals!

I hold your hand every step of the way as your coach and personal cheerleader!

"I am a Registered Dietitian, entrepreneur and a busy mom to three children who values and knows the importance of eating well and physical activity. I have worked out for years and am always looking for new challenges for my body. I have now completed Catherine's Protocol several times. I have done so because each time Catherine changes the nutrition component and keeps pushing my fitness level and challenges me past my current threshold in order to attain new results. Catherine is mindful in listening to my needs, meeting my expectations and getting me the results I want. Her care and individual attention sets her apart in the fitness industry. I choose Catherine over all the other options in Toronto as she is one of the best! You need to do this 28 Day Protocol today!"

Rebecca Bergel, Registered Dietician

"I have been working out for most of my life. I have been a member of various gyms, gone to numerous classes in numerous locations and have had personal trainers. Catherine's expertise, in my opinion, is by far the best- her training is well rounded, pushes you to your limit, and is fun. I certainly do my share of complaining but feel fabulous at the end of every class. She is very knowledgeable about diet, fitness and training. I have an injury and she has tailored her classes so that I can participate with the group. Her 28 Day Protocol was a great way for me to reboot, pay attention to my body and has taught me valuable strategies that have enabled me to lose fat while building muscle. I am still a work in progress but I now understand the theory behind what I need to do to get the body I want! I would recommend Catherine's training and her 28 Day Protocol to anyone willing to work hard and who wants to get amazing results! "

Dr. Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher, Dentist and Business Owner

"I cannot say enough good things about Catherine's 28 Day Protocol. Between the prep week and the actual 28 days of the protocol, my weight came down 13.5 lbs, and I lost several inches in key areas. Most importantly, though, I felt great and knew I was getting a tonne of nutrients. I also learned so much from Catherine - tips and tricks to help me stay on track, with explanations along the way of why the protocol incorporated what it did and why it works. Many aspects of the protocol area so easy to incorporate in daily life going forward, and I am continuing to do that. It's also a one-stop shop, incorporating nutrition (with recipes and shopping lists) and fitness in one program. Highly recommend! PS love some of the amazing morning shake recipes - they have become my go-to breakfasts in the morning!"

Angela, Interior Designer and Lawyer

"I first found out about Catherine from her Podcast. I really liked her holistic approach to fitness and appreciating of how life can be radically overwhelming. I have not had much success in past programs with my weight and improved fitness. Part of my work is requires me to host client events and dinner, so food and fitness always become the last on the list. But I desperately wanted to make a change. I cannot say enough about this program. I have not only completed the workouts EVERY week (which is a sheer miracle) but i have lost 20 lbs! Catherine's coaching has been top notch; she personally planned out strategies almost every week to help me manage my client dinners and events so that i could be success in what she calls, "fuelling my body well". But beyond that, I am so confident that I can continue my progress and empowered by my success."

Jackie, COO and Mom

"If you are thinking of doing this Protocol.... DO IT! I participated with my wife and was amazed by the results!!! I lost weight (over 13 lbs), not only stopped drinking diet pop but now can't stand the taste of it. I reset all my bad eating habits and did all of it while feeling better with a ton more energy! If you're not at your ideal weight, if you are tired in the afternoon and if you have bad eating habits than THIS IS FOR YOU! I can't thank Catherine Tanaka enough for putting this together and helping me get back on track! If you are going to do one thing for yourself this year... this is it! 28 Days will change your life!"

Kyle & Ali Jenkins

"I've had amazing success from all my 28 day challenges (I've completed 4 ) they've been both successful in losing body fat , losing inches and my body composition has never been better!! The challenge has taught me how to eat right & workout hard to get my body the best it can be. I feel great and would recommend this to everyone who wants to feel & look great! It's definitely doesn't come easy but with the tools Catherine gives you the path the greatness is so absolutely attainable. "

Lisa Zeev, Personal Stylist & Mom

"I cannot believe the results that I have received in under four weeks! Honestly, they have been outstanding! My energy is ridiculous and I will be sending you all my patients to do this protocol with you! I'm loving the results so much that I'm going to do another week! I will definitely take after pics but the results are way better in real life!! Lol. You're the best! I want to do it again in the new year!!!!"

Botox & Filler Specialist


Ready to be finally leaner, stronger and toned? Ready to feel confident and feeling great? No more failed attempts. No more falling “off the bandwagon”. FINALLY be successful loosing body fat and sustaining your results!


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